How to Do Real-Time Vulnerability & Threat Remediation

Presented by: D3 Security & ThreatWorx

APRIL 27, 2022 AT 10AM PDT/1PM EDT

Whether they're facing the latest catastrophic vulnerability or simply keeping up with routine patches, security teams need faster, automated vulnerability management and remediation. Join experts Ketan Nilangekar, CEO of ThreatWorx (formerly known as ThreatWatch), and D3 Security's Stan Engelbrecht for a webinar that's focused on helping you shorten the vulnerability detection and remediation cycle. So when the next Log4j hits, you won't need to panic. 

Ketan Nilangekar and Stan Engelbrecht

Meet the Speakers

Ketan Nilangekar


Ketan Nilangekar is the CEO and Co-founder of ThreatWorx, a cyber security platform designed to provide real-time vulnerability and threat assessment, which has now been adopted by a growing set of customers. Prior to founding ThreatWorx, Ketan had stints at Symantec and Veritas Technologies.

Stan Engelbrecht cissp


Stan Engelbrecht, CISSP is the director of D3 Security’s cybersecurity practice. He works closely with security teams and leadership at global organizations as well as with bespoke Managed Detection and Response (MDR) firms. Outside of his work with D3 Security, Stan speaks about cyber security issues at conferences and universities and is the president of a security special interest group.

Identify and eliminate vulnerabilities

Security teams need a way to stay ahead of the next Log4j. In this webinar, we'll show SOC analysts, CTI and hunt teams how to combine vulnerability intelligence reports with automated, full-stack orchestration for threats, vulns and patches.

  • Seamlessly turn vulnerability alerts into action
  • Trigger cross-stack, surgical remediation playbooks for threats
  • Leverage nested playbooks for known vulnerabilities
  • Dramatically reduce the window of compromise and resources required
  • Get Ketan's and Stan's top 5 vulnerability management tips for busy SOC teams
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Tap into the minds of experts Ketan Nilangekar and Stan Engelbrecht for meaningful SecOps and vulnerability management advice.

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Learn about key integrations, enrichment processes, playbooks and dashboards that support SOC, CTI and hunt teams.



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